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Existing Customer Renewals

Invoice will be created 14 days prior to due date and sent to the email address of your account. Renewal depends on payment method.


Renewal will be processed immediately after payment received. Please note that there may be a short delay from the time you make a PayPal payment to the time we receive it.

Bank Transfer

Shortly after you make payment by bank or ATM transfer to our account we receive notification by SMS from Kasikorn. However it is not always easy to reconcile which A2Z-4U.com account the payment was received for. We ask therefore that you immediately send a quick support ticket (you must be logged in to do this) to our Accounting Division stating Invoice Number, date, time, location and amount of transfer as in following example:

Invoice #A2Z-4U.com - 1, 20 Oct 2008, 08:12:36, Bangkok Bank ATM, Big C, North Pattaya, Baht 1560.00


Invoice #A2Z-4U.com - 2, 22 Oct 2008, 09:25:55, Siam Commercial OnLine (Cyber) Banking, Baht 1920.00

Please be as accurate as possible. Scanned copy of ATM slip, bank transfer slip or screen shot of OnLine (Cyber) banking as attachment is recommended.

This will assist us in reconciling your payment to the proper account. Your renewal will then be processed, usually within 24 hours, and you will be notified of such.

Overdue, Suspension and Cancellation Schedule

7 days prior to due date 1st Reminder

At end of Due Date your domain name will expire and your website will no longer be visible.

On the 2nd overdue day you will receive overdue notice reminding you.

On the 4th overdue day you will receive 1st overdue notice reminding you.

On the 6th overdue day you will receive 2nd overdue notice reminding you.

On the 7th overdue day your hosting is placed in suspension and Baht 500 late fee applied.

On the 30th overdue day your renewal (hosting and/or domain name) is cancelled.


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